Tudor Garden, Day 2

imageI would have been a lot further along if I hadn’t miscounted a section on day 1 and had to frog it! Oh well, it’s the story of my needlepoint life!

Today, it’s day 1 of Lois Kershner’s Hakone Garden class. This, too, is a beautiful piece.

Tudor Garden

Day one’s progress. The class is very interesting because our teacher is still in Tasmania! She is teaching remotely with Sue Hoekstra as our in-class facilitator. It is working pretty well, considering ANG put it all together in 3 days! The piece is beautiful, by the way.


Plant a Radish


Plant a radish.

Get a radish.

Never any doubt.

That why I love vegetables,

You know what they’re about.

Radishes class with Jennifer Riefenberg – day 2 progress.

Donna aka the Needlepoint Geek



This is the beginning of Radishes. Amanda and I are both taking this. This is the second vegetable piece by Jennifer Riefenberg, the first being Carrots. And next year in New Orleans there will be Beets.

Donna aka the Needlepoint Geek