Day two. This morning she started us off doing our background. With DMC Light Effects. We nearly revolted, but eventually settled down to the task at hand.


5 thoughts on “Day Two of Color Play

  1. This project is so very fascinating to watch evolve – thank you so much for sharing via this blog! I have the Seminar booklet in front of me and I’m not sure the description and certainly not the picture would have attracted me to taking this class in my fantasy world of attending Seminar ( maybe someday). But, watching what you started with and seeing this in-progress picture, I can imagine the degree of *learning* and *knowledge* gained from the process. Wish I was there!

    Thank you so much to you and your fellow blog-sisters for sharing your adventures to those of us from afar. I have a piece in the Exhibit and hope you or someone might do a little mini-report ( I know, no pictures will be allowed) of the Exhibit this year. Open today? I know the banquet tonight is when big award winner are announced.

    Many thanks,
    Arlene Cohen in NJ


  2. Okay, I feel like I need to amend my previous post, because I certainly wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings who absolutely loved the picture/description of this class. Everyone has their own tastes. I’m not a painted canvas person. Picture and description would have turned me off because of this. HOWEVER, I see now how much can be learned even when the focus/technique does not at first glance appear to be “your thing.” Lesson learned! Even from a few blog posts! 🙂


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